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The Legal World Miller & Potter, was elected president of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York at the annual election Jan. 14. His associates in office for the ensuing year are: Vice-Presidents, Wil liam N. Cohen, William E. Curtis, Rob ert W. DeForest, John G. Milburn and Morgan J. O'Brien; recording secre tary, Silas B. Brownell: corresponding secretary, Herbert J . Bickford; treasurer, S. Sidney Smith. Oklahoma. — At the annual meeting of the Oklahoma State Bar Association, held at Oklahoma City December 30 and 31, the annual address was deliv ered by Frank B. Kellogg. Papers read included "The Courts and the Agitation for Court Reform," by George S. Ram sey; bate Court," "Sales ofby Real H. Estate H. Rodgers; through"Re Pro view of the Decision of the United States Supreme Court in the Indian Tax Ques tion," by Kirby Fitzpatrick; "Consti tutional Inhibition against Unlawful Search and Seizure," by E. E. Grinsstead; and "Guaranty of Bank De posits," by C. M. Fecheimer. These officers were elected: President, James H. Gordon, McAlester; secretary, Grey Moore, Durant; treasurer, John H. Kane, Bartlesville. South Dakota. The fourteenth annual meeting of the South Dakota Bar Asso ciation was held in Pierre on January 15-16. The annual address was deliv ered by the president of the association, James Brown of Chamberlain. An address was also delivered by Jesse W. Boyce of Sioux Falls. Much time was taken up in a discussion of the report of the committee on legal reform. This committee, appointed at the annual meeting of 1912, was composed of Charles S. Whiting of Pierre, Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court; John B. Hanten of Watertown, Charles M.


Stevens of Aberdeen, Henry A. Muller of Sioux Falls and Norman T. Mason of Deadwood. It had spent consid erable labor upon its report, which had been made into a volume of 166 pages and distributed among the members of the association early in December. Altogether the report submitted thirtyone proposed laws, including five uni form acts recommended by the Ameri can Bar Association. Seven of the laws proposed to regulate procedure on appeal to the Supreme Court. The remainder covered a variety of topics, ranging from a "blue sky" law to an act pro viding for an immunity bath for crimi nals who confess and give evidence in aid of prosecution. At the end of the two-days discussion of the report, twentynine of the acts were recommended by the association to the present legislature for enactment. The act requiring con tracts for the compensation of real es tate agents to be in writing fell by the wayside, as did the act providing for the appraisement of personal property before sale under legal process or chattel mortgage. On the evening of the 15th, the asso ciation gave a dinner in honor of Judges Dighton Corson and Dick Haney, who had just retired from the Supreme Bench after long service. The president of the association presided as toastmaster. Nearly four hundred members of the association and friends were present and helped to make the banquet the most successful affair of its kind ever held in the state. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : Hon. J. M. McCoy, a judge of the Supreme Court, president; J. H. Vorhees of Sioux Falls, secretary, and L. M. Simons of Belle Fourche, treasurer. Mr. Vorhees and Mr. Simons have served the association in their respective offices for many years. An