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The Green Bag

velt, despite the fact that he is a gold Democrat. Mr. McReynolds was not a stranger at the national capital, as he had spent a number of years there as secretary to Justice Howell E. Jackson of Tennessee. He was the second man from Tennessee to occupy the post

of Assistant Attorney-General. He re signed in January, 1912, and took up his law practice at 141 Broadway. Mr. McReynolds is not only a lawyer of distinction, but a finished, forceful speaker as well and a man of the highest moral character.

The First Lawyer By Dan C. Rule, Jr. ONE day my little daughter, Dandylyn Artichoque Violabelle, With her little pick and shovel was putting down a well. When at a depth of seven feet — she was in search of fluid — She struck a granite tablet on which an ancient Druid Had carved some runic rhythms; but to my great chagrin I couldn't read the language that they were written in. To surmount this difficulty — the scheme was quite a gem — Into the plainest English I straight translated them. They are so very easy to read since that is done, That in a playful spirit I pass them on for fun. "With brow serene and thoughtful, with step sedate and slow, By moonlight to the Council Rock came the cave-man Riatoh. He blew the conch-shell lying there, he lit the beacon flame, And answering those signals, his watchful tribesmen came With spear and club and javelin, and they questioned, 'Is it war? Stand forth and tell us, Riatoh, what this alarm is for!' Then Riatoh addressed the Chief, a mighty man and old, 'O Master of the Mountains, attend while I unfold A plan to change our government; in short, to separate The judicial and executive departments of the state.' "'What makes mankind superior to all the beasts and birds? 'Tis mainly our ability to express our thoughts in words. Therefore it clearly follows — I hope my meaning's plain — The longest-winded speaker has the most efficient brain. And where's the man or woman from Danube unto Po Who for eloquence is equal to your servant Riatoh? Then were it not far better, O Chief, for you to be Our great war-leader only and leave the laws to me? Now judge me, O my countrymen' — the speaker paused to sob — 'Am I not the man best fitted to manipulate the job?'