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The Green Bag

ready to serve the highest bidder, no matter how venal or vile his cause, to lay aside truth, honor, self-respect, humanity, and weal of organized society at the bidding of those who desire to frustrate, cloud, and, if possible, defeat the design, purpose, and object of law. The men who thus throw their man hood at the feet of those requiring prosti tution of honor and talents have found it very profitable, although contemptible, to do so, and it is not always the weakest mind that succumbs to great temptation or performs basest service for great reward. Law is not a combination of quibbles and tricks designed to promote dis honesty and sharp practice, but a system intended to compel honesty, truthful ness, candor, and fair dealing among men. Therefore, as prelude to the full

and faithful performance of duties and responsibilities now resting upon mem bers of our profession, we must win back the confidence and respect of men by proving the lawyer worthy of confidence and respect. We cannot longer permit the few to besmirch the many, nor can we at this juncture be neutral, without being false to cause and country. Imbued with the patriotic fervor of Baker, Henry, Adams, Lincoln, and other great lawyers whose names illuminate the pages of history, whose services and sacrifices furnish an incentive and inspiration, the American lawyer should give to the solution of every governmental problem the best efforts of a broad and well-trained mind, prompted and spurred by a loving and generous heart.

A New Gubernatorial


By Sirius Sinnicus "To Hell with the Constitution," said Governor Blease of South Carolina at the Governors' Conference." — News Item. NOW, Guv'nor, if you wish to go Down where the climate's warm, There's not a man would dare say no, And doubtless there's a swarm Of neighbors who would help you start Although you would be missed. But then the best of friends must part And if a fellow will insist, Why, who can hold him back? But Perhaps this is you'll what Imake can'titexplain, clear; — I don't And you see what will lose, you Ihave gain, For The yougood propose old Constitution. to take along