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The Legal World International Law, where students may be given an opportunity to study inter national law from masters of the subject. An endowment of over a million for such an academy, he said, has been promised by Mr. Carnegie if the first session the coming summer is a success. Other speakers at the banquet were Minister of State Gram of Norway, Professor Albert Bushnell Hart of Har vard, and Representative James L. Slayden of Texas. The officers elected for the ensuing year are: President, Senator Elihu Root of New York; vice-presidents, Chief Justice White, Justice William R. Day, Philander C. Knox, Andrew Carnegie, Joseph H. Choate, John W. Foster, George Gray, William H. Taft, William W. Morrow, Richard Olney, Horace Porter, Oscar S. Straus, Jacob M. Dickinson and William J. Bryan. James Brown Scott was re-elected sec retary and Chandler P. Anderson, treas urer. Obituary Clopton, William H., former United States Attorney for the Eastern district of Missouri, a Confederate veteran, died at St. Louis April 17. Connoly, Theodore, for many years first assistant corporation counsel in the law department of New York City, died May 6. He was born in New Orleans and educated in France. After his admission to the bar in 1872 he edited "The New York Citations," "The New York Criminal Reports" and "Connoly 's Surrogate Reports." He was the first editor of the New York Law Journal. Draper, Andrew Sloan, State Com missioner of Education of New York, who died April 27, was graduated from the Albany Law School in 1871, practised law for five years, served as a member


of the New York Assembly in 1881, and in 1886 was elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dye, John T., termed by Benjamin Harrison the "greatest lawyer west of the Alleghenies," died at Castleton, Ind., April 24. He was born in Kentucky in 1835. He was general counsel for the "Big Four" Railroad from 1889 to 1905. Elliott, Byron K., former Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, author of several authoritative law books, and one of the foremost lawyers in his state, died at his home in Indianapolis April 19, at the age of 78. Fuller, Col. Charles W.,who died April 28 in Bayonne, N. J., served as attorney for the Standard Oil Company and the Central Railroad of New Jersey, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, member of the State Board of Education and member of the state legislature. Gorell, Lord {John Gorell Barnes), former President of the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of the English High Court, and since his retirement in 1909 intrusted with judicial duties in the House of Lords and Judicial Com mittee, died at Mentone, April 22, aged 64. He was the son of a Liverpool shipowner, was educated at Peterhouse, Cambridge, being graduated with math ematical honors, was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1876. He ac quired a considerable practice on the Northern Circuit and later in the com mercial work of the London Courts, being made a Q.C. in 1888, and engaged in all the large mercantile and admiralty cases. About four years later Lord Halsbury made him a judge of the Pro bate, Divorce and Admiralty Division. His recent labors as chairman of the Di vorce Commission undoubtedly affected his health. The Law Journal attributed to him "the true spirit of the law re