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The Legal World country in evasion or violation of the law of the state of the domicile shall be void, and the Uniform Child Labor Law. Among matters of a more general character the Public Service Commis sion law ranks as of leading importance. This measure for the first time grants mandatory powers to the former rail road commission and broadens and re organizes its functions. Matters of social legislation include, besides the child labor law, a mothers' pension law, teachers' tenure and teachers' retirement measures, a law relating to industrial accidents and occu pational diseases, and one requiring re ports in respect to industrial accidents (ch. 746). The industrial accident and workmen's compensation laws of the state are strengthened by the new provisions. The teachers' tenure bill directs the state Board of Education to secure the employment of teachers, and the teachers' retirement act is the most important legislation ever enacted by Massachusetts in their favor. The Legislature of 1913 was in ses sion 171 days, and the pay-roll for the session was $40,421.05. Governor Foss signed 819 acts and returned without his approval thirty-two bills, of which ten were passed by the Legislature not withstanding his objections. Twelve bills became laws without his signature. Iowa Legislation Affecting Courts and Procedure All laws of the 35th General Assembly of Iowa not already in force by publi cation became effective July 4. Quite a number of chapters in the new session laws relate to court affairs. All judges, both supreme and district, shall be nominated and elected without regard to political parties. The sys tem is like that adopted for commission


cities. Candidates' names go before the voters at the June primary on a separate ballot, and each voter votes for twice as many candidates as are to be elected, and this number is nominated. In November there is a special, "non partisan judiciary ticket" column on the official ballot with the names of the nominated candidates. On petition of any five attorneys in one county the Chief Justice may order the temporary transfer to that county of a judge who belongs in another dis trict to hold court exactly as if he was resident of the district, to relieve an over-burdened docket, or for other rea sons. The mayor of any city or town may get rid of holding court for violation of the city ordinances by an order to send any such case to a justice of peace, who shall try it the same as a state case and with the same fees and condi tions. This is to enable cities to get business men for mayors who would not serve if they were compelled to act as petty judges. Where depositions are taken in an outside county and books of account are competent evidence in the case, a photograph may be taken of the pages and used as evidence. A material witness may be required to go to another state to attend court where the other state has a similar reciprocity law. The witness desired may be summoned before a court and if the court finds he is a material witness in the other state an order shall be issued for him to answer the summons. The witness must, however, be tendered 10 cents a mile and $5 a day for each day he is wanted. A person under sentence of court and suspension before commitment as a first offender may now be pardoned by the Governor pending such suspension.