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The Legal World more, treasurer; Ex-Judge Wm. J. Witzzenbacher, vice-president. Gov ernor Goldsborough was also elected one of the vice-presidents.

Mississippi. — The speakers at the annual meeting of the Mississippi State Bar Association, held at Greenwood May 6-7, included Hon. Blewett Lee of Chicago, solicitor for the Illinois Central Railroad, Judge Percy Bell of Green ville, who spoke on "The Relation of Lawyers to Lawlessness," and A. T. Stovallof Okolona, on "Shall Mississippi Adopt the Uniform Commercial Acts?" New Jersey. — There was some rather warm debate at the annual meeting of the New Jersey State Bar Association at Atlantic City June 13, 14, aroused by the charges made against a certain legislator in the report of the committee to reduce cost of legal advertising. The association voted against the acceptance and printing of this committee report. It was then voted that a new committee be named, to urge upon the legislature the restoration of the legal advertising rates fixed by law prior to 1909, when the present higher rate was enacted at the instance of newspaper publishers. "There is no need for amending the Constitution of the United States." said Everett P. Wheeler, a prominent member of the New York bar. "Our system of government was founded as an experiment, and how well it has met the plans of the founders we all know." Governor James F. Fielder, speaking at the banquet, said: "We did not get the brand of jury reform that we ex pected, but it is a vast improvement over the old system. I think you will agree with me when I say that New Jersey at the present time is in the fore


front so far as progressive legislation is concerned. The legislation of the present day is of a higher type than in the old days. The people demand it, and the people always get what they want eventually." Former Governor Fort responded to the toast, "The Federal Judiciary" on behalf of Mr. Justice Lurton, who had sent his regrets. The following officers were elected: President, John W. Wescott, of Camden; first vice-president, George A. Bour geois; second vice-president, John R. Hardin; third vice-president, Frederick W. Gnichtel; secretary, William J. Kraft; treasurer, Lewis S. Starr. Rhode Island. — The Rhode Island Bar Association had their annual outing at the Pomham Club on Narragansett Bay on June 21. At the dinner a toast was proposed and drunk to "our four former Chief Justices," two of whom were present. Tennessee. — The thirty-second annual meeting of the Tennessee Bar Association was held at Memphis, June 25-26. Albert W. Biggs, the president, de livered the annual address, and Blewett Lee of Chicago read a paper on "The Law of Aerial Navigation." Dr. Wil liam Thornton, Professor of Applied Mathematics in the University of Vir ginia, spoke on "Who was Thomas Jef ferson?" He said there were five vital documents of basic importance issuing from the brain of Jefferson, the lawyer, within two years: (1) The Summary View of the Rights of British America; (2) The Reply of Virginia to the Con ciliatory Proposition of Lord North; (3) The Congressional Declaration of the Causes of Taking Up Arms; (4) The Reply of Congress to the Concilia tory Proposition of Lord North; (5)