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The Green Bag

first vice-president; John J. Hendricks, Trinidad, second vice-president; Wil liam H. Wadley, Denver, secretarytreasurer, re-elected the fourth con secutive time. Kentucky. — Former United States Senator Joseph W. Bailey of Texas was the guest of honor of the Kentucky Bar Association at its twelfth annual meeting at Olympian Springs, Ky., July 9-10, speaking on "The Initiative, the Referen dum, and the Recall." President Robert H. Winn, in his opening address, felicitated the association on a year of prosperity and progress, and pre dicted a large growth of influence and membership. A paper read by Judge John D. Carroll of the Court of Appeals excited much interest. Judge Carroll told "Why Cases Are Reversed in the Court of Appeals." A paper on the "Administration of the National Em ployers' Liability Law," was read by S. S. Willis, of Ashland, and was dis cussed. Former Judge Samuel Wilson of Lexington read the report of the Committee on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. Judge T. Z. Morrow read an interesting paper on "Some Great Lawyers of Kentucky." Judge W. T. Sandidge of Glasgow was re-elected president. Michigan. — At the twenty-third an nual meeting of the Michigan State Bar Association, held at Lansing July 16-17, Dean Henry M. Bates, of the University of Michigan, speaking on "Popular Discontent with the Law and Some Specific Remedies Therefor," said: "The prevalent criticisms of our juristic sys tem may, for convenience sake, be traced to the following origins: Defects in procedure; imperfect and meager organization of our courts; lack of adequate training and inefficiency of

the bar, considered collectively; a cer tain sentimentality and lawlessness on the part of the great masses of our people, due to our political origin, our early history and perhaps to our national temperament. Watts S. Humphrey of Saginaw delivered his presidential ad dress and other papers were: "Dis tricting the Judicial Circuits," by Judge Howard Wiest; "The Bench and Bar," by United States Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Kansas; and "City Sov ereignty," by William K. Chute of Grand Rapids. United States Senator Porter J. McCumber of North Dakota and Chief Justice Joseph H. Steere of the Michigan Supreme Court also ad dressed the association. The following officers were elected: President, R. H. Person, Lansing; vice-president, John Carton, Flint; secretary, Harry Silsbee, Lansing; treasurer, W. E. Brown, Lapeer. North Carolina. — The fifteenth an nual meeting of the North Carolina Bar Association was held at Asheville, N. C., July 2-4. Judge Robert W. Winston delivered the opening address, and exGovernor Thomas J. Jarvis of Greenville opposed woman suffrage, the initiative, the referendum, and the recall. The officers elected were: Thomas S. Rollins, president; Thomas W. Davis, secretary and treasurer (re-elected) . Ohio. — Judge Alton B. Parker of New York was the chief speaker at the thirty-fourth annual meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association, held at Sandusky, O., July 8-10. Judge Par ker's address was largely a discussion of the modern teachings of unrest, anarchy, and appropriation of private property, and of the evil of unfounded criticism of the judiciary. It was asserted by Walter A. Knight of Cincinnati that