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Chaining of Spur-Gearing with Pressure-Organs.

THE constrained motion of a pressure-organ, rendered possible by enclosure in chamber-gear, is not limited to the circle of crank mechanisms, where we have already traced the development of the principle, but can be obtained in other trains, and has met with frequent applications in them. There are many trains, of various kinds, in which a pressure-organ may be substituted for a rigid link. The method of chambering already described requires again to be carried out, and under certain circumstances gives us very valuable results, and machines really suited for practical use. One interesting series of such inventions, which indeed were not arrived at by our analytical method, but which may none the less be considered under it, is furnished us by machines formed upon the chain (R Z C^. I proved some time since the mutual relation- ship previously unknown of a number of these machines.* We shall give them the common name of chamber-wheel trains or gear.

  • Berliner Verhandlungen, 1868, p. 42. I published this investigation on chamber-

wheel gear before I was able to avail myself of the kinematic notation. In comparing