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Envy is a wind which blows with such violence, that it throws down the props of the reputation of good men, and levels with the ground the crops of good fortune. But very often, as a punishment from Heaven, when this envious blast seems as if it would cast a person flat on the ground, it aids him instead to attain the happiness he is expecting sooner even than he hoped; as you will hear in the story which I shall now tell you.



There was once upon a time a good kind of man named Cola Aniello, who had three daughters, Rose, Pink and Violet; the last of whom was so beautiful that her very look was a syrup of love, which relieved the hearts of beholders of all uneasiness. Ciullone, the king's son, was burning with love of her, and every time he passed by the little cottage where these three sisters sat at work, he took off his cap and said, "Good day, good day,