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The Philippine Islands— 1493-1803

De Morga States. Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (Mexico, 1609), written by Antonio de Morga, Spanish lieutenant-governor of the islands, is also exceedingly rare, and even the Hakluyt Society's English translation of it (London, 1868) is now out of print, and difficult to procure; but Harvard and Lenox have each a copy of the original. Philippine commerce The rare memorial on Philippine commerce sent to Philip IV by Juan Grau y Monfalcon, little known to scholars save in the French version by Thevenot, will in this work be given to English-speaking readers, translated from the original Spanish edition (Madrid, 1637), collated with a manuscript (probably contemporaneous) in the Monfalcon
Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid. Other rare works are Aduarte's Historia de la provincia del Santo Rosario de Filipinas (Madrid, 1640), Combés's Historia de las Islas de Mindanao, Jolo, etc. (Madrid, 1667), and the Historia de la provincia de Philipinas (Manila, 1749) of the great Jesuit geographer, Murillo Velarde. Jesuit missionaries Several letters by Jesuit missionaries are selected from Lettres édifiantes (Paris, 1717–76); and some documents are taken from Retana's Archivo del bibliófilo Filipino (Madrid, 1895–98), as being good reproductions of valuable manuscripts in Spanish archives. Philippine Missions
San Agustin
La Concepcion
Some important and excellent histories of the Philippine missions—as Aduarte's, San Agustin's, and La Concepcion's—are so voluminous that they cannot be reproduced entire in this series; moreover, they include accounts of the missions in Siam, China, and Japan, which are foreign to the scope of the present work. Accordingly, careful selections will be made from those authors, giving such matter as possesses most historical value; and in these and other cases will be presented brief synopses of the matter omitted, Synopses thus enabling both scholars and general readers to know the scope and