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The Philippine Islands— 1493-1803

scholar to write of the history of the Philippines under Spanish rule. The introduction opens with a review of the train of events that led to the discovery of the islands. This is followed by a broad and lucid survey of the work of the early conquerors and missionaries, of the political and ecclesiastical administration, of the commercial system, and of the social and intellectual condition of the people during the first two centuries and a half of Spanish rule. Professor Bourne has drawn his material mainly from contemporary Spanish sources, and from the best of the early travels; and his essay contains many interesting details hitherto inaccessible to the English reader. The editors believe that the introduction will be not only of real service to those who consult the narratives and documents contained in this series, but also a valuable addition to the limited amount of English literature on the Philippines.

Notes—geographical, historical, ethnological, etc.The text will be further elucidated by careful annotations regarding the geography, history, and ethnology of the Philippines, with information linguistic, scientific, and biographical which will greatly enhance the value of the work to its readers. The researches made by the editors will be supplemented Contributions by well-known scholars and specialists by special contributions from eminent scholars, well known in their respective fields. Among these are Prof Edward G. Bourne, of Yale University; Dr. N. Murakami, of the historical department in the Imperial University at Tokyo, Japan; Rev. Pablo Pastells, S.J., of Barcelona, Spain; Rev. Eduardo Navarro Ordonez, O.S.A., and others.

Bibliography—the most extensive and valuable yet made Each document will be accompanied by brief and concise bibliographical data, giving the reader necessary information as to the location of documents, the various editions of printed works, etc. A specially important feature will be (in a separate volume, devoted to this section) a bibliography of works relating to the Philippine Islands, the most extensive