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It is said that in commemoration of the miraculous disappearance of Mira Bai, her image is still worshipped at Udaipur in conjunction with that of Ranchhor, the beloved Girdhar of her childhood.

The following is Mira Bai s hymn in Bhai Banno's Granth Sahib.


God l hath entwined my soul, O mother,
With His attributes, 2 and I have sung of them.
The sharp arrow of His love hath pierced my body through
and through, O mother.
When it struck me I knew it not ; now it cannot be en
dured, O mother.
Though I use charms, incantations, and drugs, the pain
will not depart.
Is there any one who will treat me ? Intense is the agony,
O mother.
Thou, O God, art near ; Thou are not distant ; come
quickly to meet me.
Saith Mira, the Lord, the mountain-wielder, 3 who is com
passionate, hath quenched the fire of my body, O mother.
The Lotus-eyed hath entwined my soul with the twine of
His attributes.


THERE are hymns and sloks bearing the name of Farid found in the Granth Sahib. The Persian historian Farishta states that when Taimur Lang approached Ajodhan (Pak Pattan) in the Panjab in the year A. D. 1318, Sad-ul-Din, 4 a grandson of Shaikh Farid, who was then on his spiritual throne, fled with several of the leading inhabitants of the city to Bhatner in the state of Bikaner, where

1 Kawalnain, the Lotus-eyed, an epithet of Krishan, the object of Mira Bai s special worship.

2 Gun has two meanings a rope or twine, and an attribute.

3 Krishan.

4 In Arabic names the / is generally silent in such combinations.