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wrapped up and put away for summer, and the summer things, which are wrapped up and put away for the winter, should all be in labeled packages, and every packing trunk should have on its lid a complete

list Of its Contents. CongregationaUst.


CHILDREN'S clothes, table linens, towels, etc., should be thoroughly examined before wetting, as soap-suds, washing-fluids, etc.. will fix almost any stain past removal. Many stains will pass away by being simply washed in pure, soft water ; or alcohol will remove, before the article has been in soap-suds, many stains ; iron mold, mildew 7 , or al- most any similar spot, can be taken out by dipping in diluted citric acid ; then cover with salt and lay in the bright sun till the stain dis- appears. If of long standing, it may be necessary to repeat the wet- ting and the sunlight. Be careful to rinse in several waters as soon as the stain is no longer visible. Ink, fruit, wine, and mildew stains must first be washed in clear, cold water, removing as much of the spots as can be, then mix one teaspoonful of oxalic acid and a half pint of rain-water. Dip the stain in this and wipe off. in clear water. Yv r ash at once, if a fabric that will bear washing. A tablespoonful of white currant juice, if any can be had, is even better than lemon. This preparation may be used on the most delicate articles without in- jury. Shake it up before using it. Mark it " poison/' and put it where it will not be meddled with.


BENZ T Z'X is most effectual, not only for silk, but for any other ma- terial whatever. It can be procured from any druggist. By simply covering both sides of greased silk with magnesia, and allowing it to remain for a few hours, the oil is absorbed by the powder. Should the first application be insufficient, it may be repeated, and even rubbed in with the hand. Should the silk be Tussah or Indian silk, it will wash.

To remove an acid stain on violet silk: Brush the discoloration with tincture of iodine, then saturate the spot well with a solution of hyposulphite of soda, and dry gradually. This restores the original color perfectly.

Muriatic acid is successfully used for removing ink stains and iron mold on a number of colors which it does not attack.

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