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Caroline Lamb, "And sayst thou that I have not felt," published in Works, etc., 1828; (iv.) lines To her who can best understand them, "Be it so, we part for ever," published in the Works of Lord Byron, in Verse and Prose, Hartford, 1847; (v.) Lines found in the Travellers' Book at Chamouni. "How many numbered are, how few agreed!" published Works, etc., 1828; and (vi.) a second copy of verses with the same title, "All hail, Mont Blanc! Mont-au-Vert, hail!" Life, Writings, etc., 1825, ii. 384; and (vii.) Enigma on the Letter I, "I am not in youth, nor in manhood, nor age," Works, etc., Paris, p. 720, together with sundry epigrams, must, failing the production of the original MSS., be accounted forgeries, or, perhaps, in one or two instances, of doubtful authenticity.

The following poems: On the Quotation, "And my true faith," etc.; [Love and Gold]; and Julian [a Fragment], are now published for the first time from MSS. in the possession of Mr. John Murray.