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The Zankiwank

   If it does not sleet or hail or snow,
   And if it does not big guns blow,
    And the sun looks out to shine.

The Jackarandajam stood on his head again and sang the second verse:—

Wrapt up in his thoughts he went along,
His manner sad and crossed;
With a windy strain he hummed a song,
Of thunderbolts and frost.
He strode with a Barometrical stride,
With forecasts on his brow;
Till he tripped up Short upon a slide,
Which made him vow a vow.

The Weather Cock at once sang the chorus and the Jackarandajam danced as before.

   O Cock-a-doodle-doo!
    The weather will be fine—
   If there is no fog, or drenching rain,
   And thunder does not boom again,
    And the sun looks out to shine.