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The Zankiwank

from with their father and mother only last summer when they went to the sea-side for their holidays—and what jolly times they had on the sands! So Maude said promptly, “It is not Night-mare or Dreams or Anything. We don’t know what it is, but we must not go to sleep, Willie, in case anything should happen.”

Willie replied that he did not want to go to sleep any more. “I believe it’s a show,” he added, “and somebody’s run away with us. How lovely! I’m glad we are lost. Let us go and ask that tall gentleman, who looks like the parlour-tongs in a bathing-suit, to give us some more buns.” For, being a boy, he could always eat buns, or an abundance of them, only I hope you won’t tell the nursery governess I told you.

It was the Zankiwank, who was doing some conjuring tricks for the benefit of the Jackarandajam and Mr Swinglebinks, to whom Willie referred, The Zankiwank was certainly a very curious person to look at. He had very long