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and the Bletherwitch


opening the window, climbed out on to the top of the carriage calling all the time:—

Guard! Guard! Guard!
Don’t go so hard,
Just give the brake a hitch!
To Charing Cross return—
Nay, do not look so stern—
For I would not tell a cram,
I must send a telegram,
To my darling little Bletherwitch.”

So the guard turned the train round, and they went back to Charing Cross as quick as lightning.

“It’s my fault,’ moaned the Jackarandajam, “I ought to have reminded you. Never mind, we will put on another engine.”

So the Zankiwank got out and sent a telegram to the Bletherwitch, and desired her to follow on in a balloon.

Again they started, and everybody settled down until the train reached the British Channel, when it dived through a tunnel into an unin-