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and the Bletherwitch


The Frogs were in a corner by themselves playing “Kiss in the Ring,” and crying out:—

It isn’t you! It isn’t you!
We none of us know what to do,”

in a very serio-comic manner. Then the Storks and the Cranes and the Geese and the Ganders were standing in a circle singing:—

Sally, Sally Waters,
Sitting in the Moon,
With the camel’s daughters,
All through the afternoon!
Oh Sally! Bo Sally!
Where’s your dusting pan;
My Sally! Fie Sally!
Here is your young man!

In another part the Crabs, the Sheep, and the Fox, were vowing that London Bridge was Broken Down, because they had not half-a-crown, which seemed a curious reason. Then all the rest of the wild creatures, Birds, Beasts, and Fishes, commenced an extraordinary dance, singing, croaking, flapping their fins and spreading their wings, to these words:—