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and the Bletherwitch


“Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Where is your logic? Nothing is better than something! I’ll prove it:—

Nothing is sweeter than honey,
Nothing’s more bitter than gall,
Nothing that’s comic is funny,
Nothing is shorter than tall.”

“That is nonsense and nothing to do with the case,” exclaimed Maude.

“Nonsense? Nonsense? Did you say nonsense?”

“Of course she did,” said Willie, “and so do I.”

“Nonsense! To me? Do you forget what my name is?”

“Oh, no, nothing easier than to remember it. You are the Great Zankiwank.”

“Thank you, I am satisfied. I thought you had forgotten. I am not cross with you.”

Maude and Willie vowed they would not cross him for anything, let alone nothing, and so the Zankiwank was appeased and offered to give them the correct answer to his own unanswer-