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The Zankiwank

grow in such charming variety of disorder.” Saying this, Maude took Willie’s hand and urged the Zankiwank forward.

Before the Zankiwank could reply, a company of fairies, all dressed in pink and green, leapt from the petals of the flowers and danced forward, singing to the buzz of the bees and the breaking note of the yellow-ammer with his bright gamboge breast:—

Where is Fancy Bred.

O would you know where Fancy dwells?
And where she flaunts her head?
Come to the daisy-spangled dells,
And seek her in her bed.
For Fancy is a maiden sweet,
With all a maiden’s whims;
As quick as thought—as Magic fleet—
Like gossamer she skims.

O seek among the birds and bees,
And search among the buds;
In babbling brook, in silver seas,
Or in the raging floods.