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The Zankiwank

Now, this is the song that Peaseblossom and Mustard Seed sang together in unison—the fairies, led by Robin Goodfellow, joining in the chorus:—

Will you walk into the Garden.

Will you walk into the garden?
Said the Poppy to the Rose,
Your tender heart don’t harden,—
Do not elevate your nose.
For the Gilly-flower has sent us
All because of your perfume,
And the Box a case has lent us,
To make a little room.

   So Rosey! Rosey! sweet little posy
    Come to our garden fête,
   And our little Cock-roaches will lend
you their coaches,
    So that you mayn’t be late.

All the Waterblinks are waiting,
Just beneath the Dogwood’s shade;