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and the Bletherwitch


While the Teazle’s loudly prating
To the Madder’s little maid!
The old Cranberry grows tartish
All about a Goosefoot Corn,
But the Primrose, dressed quite smartish,
Will explain it’s but a thorn.

   So Rosey! Rosey! sweet little posy
    Come to our garden fête;
   Our naughty young nettles shall be on
their fettles,
    All stinging things to bate.

Now for tea there’s Perrywinkles
And some Butterwort and Sedge,
House-leeks and Bird’s-nest-binkles,
With some Sundew from the hedge,
There is Sorrel, Balsam, Mallow,
Some Milk Wort and Mare’s Tail too,
With some Borage and some Sallow,
Figworts and Violets blue.

   So Rosey! Rosey! sweet little posy,
    Come to our garden fête,