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Fauna, Flora, and Geology of the Clyde Area. Edited by G.F. Scott Elliot, Malcolm Laurie, and J. Barclay Murdoch.Glasgow: Published by Local Comm. Brit. Association.

The inception of this volume is due to the recent meeting of the British Association at Glasgow. Twenty-five years ago, when the Association met on the banks of the Clyde, a Natural History Handbook was issued to the members, but the present volume is a notable advance on that publication. The lists have now been compiled by a large body of workers, amongst whom are many well-known names, and will be invaluable to zoologists and geologists, who so frequently visit this beautiful area. The volume also ought to, and probably will, prove an incentive to local collectors, and we may expect to find records of species "not included in the Brit. Assoc. List." This will probably prove a laborious quest, for many of the lists are compiled by men difficult to beat in this undertaking; but the last word is never said in a local list of species distributed over such a country as the Clyde Area. A splendid Bathy-orographical Map accompanies the volume.

How to know the Indian Ducks. By F. Finn, B.A., &c.Calcutta: Thacker, Spink & Co.

The Indian Ducks treated in this small but handy publication "include all Teal, Geese, Swans, and Mergansers." In reading the title therefore we must make a somewhat free use of the imagination. Besides a description of each species, and an account of its distribution, there are many observations of an interesting character. Indian vernacular names are given, and in an appendix we find many hints as to the successful treatment of these birds in confinement. Although this advice is given for the domestication of these "Ducks" in India, the small publication is well worth the perusal of all aviculturists in this country.