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82 LETTERS OF CORTES. of the water a small town, that might contain from one to two thousand inhabitants, well fortified and defended with towers, as it appeared on the outside, but without any entrance.* A league farther on we came to a cause- way of the width of a spear's length, running two thirds of a league into the lake, which led to a city that, although small, was the most beautiful we had yet seen, composed of well-constructed houses and towers, having the foun- dations laid with great regularity and wholly in the water. In this city, which contains about two thousand inhabit- ants, we were well received, and entertained with a handsome repast. The chief magistrate and other persons of rank came to see me, and requested that I would pass the night there. But some of Muteczuma's people who were with me advised me not to stop, but to go on to another city, three leagues distant, called Izta- palapa, belonging to a brother of Muteczuma, and I ac- cordingly did so. The road from the city where we had our repast, the name of which does not now occur to me, was by another causeway, which is a full league in length to terra firma. Having arrived at the city of Iztapalapa, the cacique came to receive me at some dis- tance from the town, together with another dignitary of a great city about three leagues off, called Calnaacan, [Culhuacan] accompanied by many other distinguished personages, who were expecting my arrival there, and presented me with 3 or 4000 castellanos, some slaves, and cotton cloth, giving me altogether a very agreeable reception. The city of Iztapalapa contains twelve or fifteen thou-

  • The cities of which mention is here made, are, first, Iztapaluca, which is

next beyond Chalco on the road to Mexico ; then Thlahuac, Misquic, and Cul- huacin, all of which are situated on the water. — L.