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This page needs to be proofread.

PRE FACE. entire page being condensed into three or four lines. This is shown by the following comparison : — Flavigny' s Translation. L'eau douce parvient a Mexico par deux tuyaux de deux pieds de circon- ference chacun, et qui sont places le long de I'une des chaussees, par les- quelles on aborde en cette ville ; cette eau se distribue le long des rues dans difFerens canots, pour etre ensuite vendue au public. — p. 100. Re-translation of the French. Fresh water is conveyed to Mexico by means of two pipes, each two feet in circumference, which extend along one of the causeways leading . to the city. This water is carried through the streets in canoes and sold to the people. — ^Portfoho, vol. iv. p. 289. The original literally translated : Along one of the causeways that lead into the city are laid two pipes, constructed of masonry, each of which is two paces in width, and about five feet in height. An abundant supply of excellent water, forming a volume equal in bulk to the human body, is conveyed by one of these pipes, and distributed about the city, where it is used by the inhabitants for drinking and other purposes. The other pipe, in the mean time, is kept empty until the former requires to be cleansed, when the water is let into it and con- tinues to be used till the cleansing is finished. As the water is necessarily carried over bridges on account of the salt water crossing its route, reser- voirs resembling canals are construct- ed on the bridges, through which the fresh water is conveyed. These re- servoirs are of the breadth of the body of an ox, and of the same length as the bridges. The whole city is thus served with water, which they carry in canoes through all the streets for sale, taking it from the aqueduct in the following manner : the canoes pass under the bridges on which the reservoirs are placed, when men sta- tioned above fill them with water, for which service they are paid. See below, pp. 118-9. This is a paraphrase rather tha» a translation, and leaves room for a new French version, which it is understood a distinguished author at Paris will shortly publish. A*