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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 89 his person to me, saying, " You see that I am composed of flesh and bone like yourselves, and that I am mortal, and palpable to the touch," at the same time pinching his arms and body with his hands ; " see," he continued, " how they have deceived you. It is true I have some things of gold, which my ancestors have left me ; all that I have is at your service whenever you wish it. I am now going to my other houses where I reside ; you will be here provided with every thing necessary for your- self and your people, and will suffer no embarrassment, as you are in your own house and country." I answer- ed him in respect to all that he had said, expressing my acknowledgments, and adding whatever the occasion seemed to demand, especially endeavoring to confirm him in the belief that your Majesty was the sovereign they had looked for ; and after this he took his leave, and having gone, we were liberally supplied with fowls, bread, fruits, and other things required for the use of our quarters. In this w^ay I was for six days amply provided with all that was necessary, and visited by many of the nobility. I mentioned, most Catholic Sire, at the commencement of this letter, that at the time I departed from the city of Vera Cruz in quest of this Senor Mateczuma, I left there one hundred and fifty men to erect a fort, which had been already begun ; and I also stated that I had left many towns and fortified places in the neighborhood of that city in subjection to the royal dominion of your Highness, and the inhabitants secure and decided in their allegiance to your Majesty. While I was in the city of Churultecal, [Cholula,] I received letters from the commander, whom I had stationed in my place at Vera Cruz, informing me that Qualpopoca, lord of the