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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 91 formation as to the people engaged in its defence, and the cause of their killing the Spaniards that had been sent to them. They said that Muteczuma had ordered Qual- popoca and the others who had come there as his vassals, (for such they were,) that when I left the city of Vera Cruz, they should fall upon those who had rebelled and entered the service of your Highness ; and that they should devise every means of destroying the Spaniards I had left there, so that they might not aid or favor us ; and that accordingly, in consequence of these orders, they had done so. Six days having passed, most powerful Prince, since I entered the great city of Temixtitan, and having seen some things in it, though but a few compared with what there was to be seen and noted, it seemed to me, judg- ing from these things, and from what I had observed of the country, that it would subserve the interests of your Majesty and our own Security if Muteczuma was in ray power, and not wholly free from restraint; in order that he might not be diverted from the resolution and willing spirit which he showed in the service of your Majesty, especially as we Spaniards were somewhat troublesome and difficult to please ; lest feeling annoyed on any occasion, he should do us some serious injury, and even might cause all memory of us to perish, in the exercise of his great power. It also appeared to me that if he was under my control, all the other coun- tries that were subject to him would be more easily brought to the knowledge and service of your Majesty, as afterwards actually happened. I resolved, therefore, to take him and place him in my quarters, which were of great strength j and revolving in my mind how this could be effected without occasioning any tumult or disturb-