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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 97 me to allow some of the Spaniards to go with them, that they might observe the manner in which gold was pro- cured ; and I accordingly deputed two Spaniards for the same number of his own men. One party of them went to a province called Cuzula, eighty leagues from the great city of Temixtitan, whose inhabitants are vas- sals of Muteczuma, where they were shown three rivers, from all of which they brought me specimens of gold, of a good quality, although procured with little trouble, and without any other instruments than those used by the Indians. On their route they passed through three pro- vinces, that, according to the report of the Spaniards, contained very fine land, many villages and cities, with much scattered population, and buildings equal to any in Spain. They mentioned particularly a house and castle, the latter larger, of greater strength, and better built than the castle of Burgos ; and the people of one of these provinces, called Tamazulapa,* were better clothed than those of any other we had seen, as it justly appear- ed to them. Another party of our envoys went to a province called Malinaltebeque, [in Oaxaca,] which is also seventy leagues from the great city, but more to- wards the seacoast. They brought me specimens of gold from a great river that passes through it. The other party visited a region beyond this river, inhabited by a people speaking a different language from those of Culua, and called - Tenis ; whose chief ruler is named Coatelicamar.t His territory is situated on a lofty and rough mountainous range, with a population inured to war, who fight with spears of twenty-five to thirty palms length ; he is independent of Muteczuma. The

  • In Oaxaca.

t This was tlie Lord of Tenich, which is the river aboe Maninaltepec— L.