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102 LETTERS OF CORTES- hereafter relate to your Majesty.* In order to satisfy myself in relation to the province, the harbor, and the good will of the natives, I resolved to send thither certain of my company, who would be able to judge of the country from their observation and experience. They went in company with the messengers that the Lord Tu- chintecla had sent to me, carrying several things that I sent to him as presents. Having arrived there, they, were well received by him, and applied themselves to survey and sound the port and river, and to examine the sites the place afforded for a town. They afterwards brought me a full and correct report of their observa- tions, and declared that every thing requisite for a set- tlement was to be found there. The governor himself was gratified, and expressed a great desire to become a vassal of your Majesty. As soon as they had returned, J despatched a captain with one hundred and fifty men for the purpose of tracing, planning and setthng the town, and erecting a fortress, as the governor had consented to it, and offered whatever was necessary, or they might require for the purpose ; and he even built six houses on the spot selected for the town, and said that he was very well pleased that we should go there to found a colony, and dwell upon his land. I have, in the preceding pages, most powerful Sire, stated that at the time I entered the great city of Temix- titan, a great lord had met me on my route who came on behalf of Muteczuma ; and according to what I after- wards learned, he was a near relative of that monarch, possessing a province next to that of Muteczuma, and

  • The commercial town of Tampico is now situated at the mouth of the river