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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 105 his son, called Cucuzcasin, in the name of your Majesty ; and I directed all the communities and lords of the pro- vince to obey him as their ruler, until your Majesty should order otherwise. Accordingly, from that time he was recognized and obeyed as their sovereign, in the same manner as Cacamazin had been ; and he also obeyed all the commands that I imposed on him in your Majesty's name. A few days after the imprisonment of Cacamazin, Muteczuma called together all the governors of the neighboring cities and states, and when they were as- sembled, he sent an invitation to me to join them ; on my arrival, he addressed them as follows ; " My bre- thren and friends, you know that for a long period you, your fathers, and ancestors have been the subjects and vassals of my predecessors and myself, and that both by them and me you have been always well treated and honored. You have also done all that is due from good and loyal vassals to their liege lords ; and I also believe that you have heard from your ancestors, that they were not natives of this land, but that they came to it from a great distance, under the conduct of a sovereign whose subjects they all were ; he left them here, but after a considerable time he returned, and found that our an- cestors had become numerous and well established in this country, having intermarried with the women of the land, by whom they had many children. On this ac- count they were unwilling to go back with him, or to acknowledge him as their sovereign ; whereupon he went away, saying that he would return, or send so great a force as would compel them to submit to him. You knew well that we have always looked for him ; and according to what this captain has told us of the