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106 LETTERS OF CORTES. king and lord, who has sent him here, and also consi- dering the quarter from which he says he has come, I hold it certain, and you must be of the same opinion, that this is the sovereign that we have expected ; espe- cially as he informs us, that he had some knowledge of us there.. And since our predecessors did not render their just service to their sovereign lord, let us perform our duty ; and let us render thanks to our gods, that he, who was so long expected by them, has come in our day. I must, therefore, entreat, since all this is well known to you, that hereafter, instead of regarding me as your sovereign, you will recognise and obey that great king, as he is our natural ruler, and receive this his captain in place of him ; and all the tributes and ser- vices which till now you have rendered to me, you will hereafter render and yield to him, as I likewise contri- bute and yield all that he requires of me ; and thus be- sides performing your duty, you will gratify and oblige me." All this he said weeping, with more tears and sighs than becomes a man to exhibit ; and likewise all the princes who were present wept so much, that for a long time they were unable to answer. And I assure your sacred Majesty that there was not a Spaniard who heard the discourse, that did not feel great compassion. After their grief had abated, they answered, that they re- cognized him as their sovereign, and had engaged to do whatever he might command ; and that on this account, as well as for the reasons he had assigned, they were willing to act as he required ; and that, from henceforth forever, they declared themselves the vassals of your Majesty, and all, and each for himself, would there pro- mise, and did promise, to do and fulfil all that was com-