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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 107 manded in the name of your Majesty as became good and loyal vassals ; and to aid with tribute and services as they had heretofore done for Muteczuma, and as was their duty, together with whatever else might be re- quired of them in the name of your Majesty. All this passed in the presence of a public notary, and was con- firmed by a formal act ; as well as by the testimony of many of our countrymen whom I had requested to be present. After this solemn act and acknowledgment on the part of these lords towards your Majesty, I one day spoke to Muteczuma and said that your Highness need- ed gold for certain works that he had ordered to be completed, and I wished him to send some of his peo- ple, and I would send some of mine, to the lands and abodes of those lords who had submitted themselves on that occasion, to ask them to supply your Majesty with some part of what they possessed ; since besides the necessity your Majesty had for the gold, it would serve as a beginning of their fealty, and your Highness would form a better opinion of their disposition to render him service by such a demonstration ; and I also requested that he himself would give me what gold he had, as well as other things, in order that I might transmit them to your Majesty. He immediately requested that I would designate the Spaniards whom I wished to send on this business, and he distributed them two by two, and five by five, among many provinces and cities, the names of which I do not recollect, the records having perished, as they were numerous and different, some eighty, some one hundred leagues from the great city of Temixtitan ; and with them he sent some of his own people, and directed them to go to the governors of pro-