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12G LETTERS OF CORTES. CHAPTER VI. J REMAINED in this great city for the purpose of pro- viding whatever the service of your Sacred Majesty required, and was engaged in establishing peace and an acknowledgment of your authority amongst numerous provinces and districts, containing a vast population, many large cities, towns, and castles, and in the dis- covery of mines ; ascertaining and seeking information of whatever relates to the local affairs of the countries belonging to the jurisdiction of Muteczuma, as well as others bordering thereupon and known to him. The extent and wonderful productiveness of these regions are qtrite incredible; and both Muteczuma and the native inhabitants promote my views wdlh as much readiness and good will as if they had recognized ab initio your Sacred Majesty as their natural lord and sovereign ; and they do with the same cheerfulness aM things that I com- mand them in your Majesty's name. In these concerns and others of no less advantage to the service of your Royal Highness, I was employed from the eighth of November, 1519, till the beginning of the present month of May, [1520,] when, being quietly established in this metropolis, sending out parties of Spaniards in various directions, promoting the peace and settlement of the country, and awaiting with impatience the return of the ships with your Majesty's answer to my former despatch, in order to forward by them what I now send, together wnth all the gold and jewels that I had beea able to amass for your Majesty— there came