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Introduction Page 1
CHAPTER I. Commencement of march to Mexico—Muteczuma—conspiracy—stranding of ships—F. de Garay—city of Cempoal—populous valley—wall of Tlascala, 37
CHAPTER II. Battle with the Tlascallans—continued fighting—interview between Cortes and the rulers of Tlascala —description of the city of Tlascala—government of this republic—deputation from Muteczuma—city 'of Churultecal (Cholula)—narrow escape of the army, 51
CHAPTER IV.[1] Treachery of Muteczuma description of two lofty mountains—the Spaniards descry the city and valley of Mexico—province of Chalco—envoys of Muteczuma—slaves—lakes of Mexico—city of Iztapalapa—gardens—causeway—Cortes is met by large numbers of citizens, followed by Muteczuma—interview between Cortes and Muteczuma—address of the latter—entrance into the city—letters from Vera Cruz—treachery of Qualpopoca—imprisonment of Muteczuma—execution of Qualpopoca and others—exploring parties—lord of Culhuacan—Cacamacin—inquiries for gold, 73
CHAPTER V. Description of the city of Mexico—the lakes—marketsaqueduct—temples—palaces—houses—mode of living—state assumed by Muteczuma, 110
CHAPTER VI. Expedition of Panfilo de Narvaez against Cortes—proceedings of Diego Velasquez at Cuba—Cortes leaves the city to meet Narvaez—enters Cempoal—battle between the forces of Cortes and Narvaez in that city—defeat of the latter—detachment sent to build a town at Guasacalco, 126

  1. The head of the third chapter was accidentally omitted in the printing.