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130 LETTERS OF CORTES. amongst whom were eighty musketeers and one hundred and twenty bowmen ; that Narvaez had come in the ca- pacity of Captain General and Lieutenant Governor over these countries, by the appointment of Diego Velaz- quez, from whom he had received your Majesty's orders ; and that the messengers I had sent, and the man I had stationed on the coast, had been taken by Narvaez, and were not suffered to depart — by whom he had been in- formed of the town I had built twelve leagues from that port, and of the people residing there, as well as of the party [ had sent to Cuacucalco, in the province called Tachitebeque, thirty leagues from the port ; and likewise of all that I had accomplished in the country in the ser- vice of your Highness ; the cities and towns T had con- quered and reduced to a stale of peaceful subjection, especially the great city of Temixtitan ; the gold and jewels that the country afforded ; and all things else showing the success of my operations. In consequence of their statements, Narvaez had sent these persons to Vera Cruz for the purpose of inducing the people who were there to join his standard and declare against me. They also brought with them more than a hundred letters, that Narvaez and his people had sent to those at Vera Cruz, desiring them to place confidence in whatever the priest and those with him should say ; promising, on behalf of D. Velazquez and himself acting in his name, that if they did so, they should be well rewarded ; but that they who acted otherwise would be subjected to severe treatment. These and other things contained in the letters the priest and those with him reported. Almost at the same moment there arrived a Spaniard of the party that I had sent to Cuacucalco, who brought me letters from the commander there, one Juan Velazquez