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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 131 de Leon, informing me that the expedition in question was commanded by Panfilo de Narvaez, acting in the name of Diego Velazquez ; and forwarding a letter which Narvaez had sent by an Indian to him, as a relative of Diego Velazquez, and brother-in-law of Narvaez ; in which Narvaez stated that he had learned by some messengers of mine that he was at that place with a party of men, and bade him come directly to him with his men ; for by so doing he would act with propriety, and perform his duty to his relatives ; that he was fully of the belief that I had controlled him by force ; these and other things were contained in the letter of Narvaez to Captain Juan Velazquez. That officer, however, feeling that the service of your Majesty was of stronger obligation, not only refused to accept the offers of Nar- vaez, but immediately set out, after having despatched the letter to me, and came to join me with all his force. Afterwards I informed myself by this priest and the others with him respecting many things, especially of the intentions of Diego Velazquez and Narvaez; that they had been induced to despatch this expedition against me on account of my having sent a report of my opera- tions and of the country to your Majesty instead of Diego Velasquez, and that they had come with a deadly purpose to destroy me and many of those under my command, whom they had already marked as their in- tended victims. I also ascertained that the Licentiate Figueroa, President of the Roj-al Audience in the island of Esjiafiola, and the judges and officials of your High- ness residing there, when it came to their knowledge that the said Diego Velasquez had got ready a fleet for this avowed purpose, and it being apparent to them that the consequences would be injurious to your Majesty's