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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 135 ment ; since, when the Indians saw me in person they would not dare to show symptoms of disaffection. I also thought that I might bring about an arrangement with Narvaez, by which so great a cause of scandal as had arisen might be effectually checked. Therefore I set out on the same day, leaving the garrison well supplied with maize and water, and containing five hundred men with several pieces of cannon. Taking the rest of the people that I had there, about seventy in number, I pur- sued my journey, accompanied by some of the principal personages of the court of Muteczuma ; to the latter, be- fore I left, I had much to say, and amongst other things,

  • ' that he should reflect that he was a vassal of your

Highness, and that he was now about to receive from your Majesty a reward for the services he had rendered ; and that I left entrusted to his care a number of my Spaniards, together with all the gold and jewels which he had given me in compliance with the orders of your Highness ; that I was going to meet the people who had arrived in the country, to ascertain who they were, as I had not yet been informed, but believed they must be bad men, and not vassals of your Highness." He then promised to supply whatever was necessary, and to take good care of what I had left belonging to your Majesty ; and added that his people who accom- panied me would take me by a route that led entirely within his territory, and would provide every thing I might want ; begging me to inform him if we met with any troublesome persons on the road, that he might im- mediately despatch a sufficient force to attack and drive them away. All this I listened to with pleasure, and declared that, in consideration of these services, your Highness would command me to bestow on him great