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136 LETTERS OF CORTES. rewards ; and I gave many jewels and much cotton cloth to him and his son, and to several caciques who were then with him. In the city called Chururtecal, [Cholula,] I met with Juan Velazquez, the captain whom, as I have already mentioned, I sent to Cuacuacalco, who was returning with all his people ; some of them, being indisposed, I sent to the city, and with the captain and the rest of the party I continued my route. Fifteen leagues beyond the city of Chururtecal, I fell in with a religious padre of my company, whom I had sent to the port to ascertain what people had arrived there in the fleet. He brought me a letter from Narvaez, in which he stated that he had brought a commission to take possession of the country for Diego Velazquez ; that I must instantly repair to the place where he was, for the purpose of yielding obe- dience thereto ; and that he had established there a town with alcaldes and regidores for its government. I also learned from the same priest that they had taken the Licentiate Ayllon, and his secretary and alguazil, and sent them away in two ships ; that they had oflered him money with which he might induce some of my people to pass over to the service of Narvaez ; and had caused a review to take place before him and certain In- dians that were with him, of their whole force, both foot and horse, discharging the artillery pieces on board the ships and on shore in order to strike terror into them, saying to the priest — " See, how can you stand against us if you do not act according to our wishes ?" He also told me that there was a native cacique with Narvaez, who was a vassal of Muteczuma, being the governor over all his territory along the sea-coast ; and he knew thr.. this man had addressed Narvaez on behalf of Mutec-