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CHAPTER VII. Return of Cortes to Mexico—news of rebellion in that city—he enters Mexico—hostilities against the Spaniards—attacks on their quarters—destruction of parts of the city—death of Muteczuma—assault upon the great temple—Cortes at the head of a detachment—ascends a lofty tower—battle on the terraces of the tower or temple—a parley with the enemy—their resolution and spirit—the Spaniards abandon the city—la noche triste—disastrous retreat—Tacuba—route to Tlascala—battle of Otumba—the army enters the territory of Tlascala—met by the nobles—kind reception—news from Vera Cruz, 145

CHAPTER VIII. Hostilities against Tepeaca—settlement of the town of Segura de la Frontera—attack on Mexican garrison at Guacachula—description of that city—capture of the city of Izucan—description of that city—news from Mexico—building of brigantines for the lakes of Mexico—successor of Muteczuma—New Spain—note, 170


CHAPTER I. Recapitulation of former letter—F. de Garay—Cortes leaves Segura de la Frontera—arrives at city of Tlascaltecal or Tlascala—death of Magiscacin—review of the army—address of Cortes to the troops—march for Mexico—city of Tesaico (Tezcuco)—deputation from that city—expedition to Iztapalapa—circumstances at Tezcuco—Sandoval sent for the brigantines—Chalco—transportation of the brigantines from Tlascala to Tezcuco, 195

CHAPTER II. Expedition from Tezcuco to Tacuba—engagements with the Mexicans—battle between the people of Chalco and the Mexicans—succors received from Vera Cruz—expedition to the mountainous country—city of Suchimilco—battle with the Mexicans at that city—city of Cuyoacan—Tacuba—return to Tezcuco—plantations at Chinantla—letter from that place—launch of the brigantines—their removal to the great lake, 226

CHAPTER III. Review of the army—disposition of the troops for the siege of Mexico—destruction of the aqueduct—positions of the divisions of the army—Cortes embarks in a brigantine—battle between the brigantines and the canoes—commencement of operations against Mexico—Don Fernando, lord of Tezcuco—arrival of the Otomites, 257

CHAPTER IV. Destruction of the palaces—burning of the houses of the city—continued hostilities—partial defeat of Alvarado's division—attempt to reach the market place—narrow escape of Cortes—defeat of the Spaniards—rejoicings of the Mexicans — expedition to Marinalco— gallant exploit of a Tlascallan chief, 278