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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 139 Glared that I would listen to nothing but an order from your Highness, imposing the duty upon me — which they never chose to show me. In conclusion, these priests, Andrew de Duero, and myself agreed, thatNarvaez, at- tended by ten persons, and I with as many others, should have a peaceable interview, when he should make known to me his instructions, if he had brought any, to which I should give my answer ; for this purpose I, on my part, sent a passport signed by myself, and he likewise gave me another in return, subscribed with his name ; which, however, as it seemed to me, he had no idea of ob- serving ; for it was planned that the interview should be so arranged as to enable them to despatch me at once ; and two of the ten persons who were to come with him, were selected to execute this purpose, while the others were to engage with my attendants. Thus they said if I was killed, the object would be accom- plished ; as in truth it would have been, if God, who interposes in such cases, had not thwarted the design by granting me certain notice of it at the same time that the pass was brought to me. This plot being discovered, I wrote a letter to Narvaez, and another to the three com- missioners, in which I stated to them that I had learned their treacherous design, and refused to have the inter- view in the manner agreed upon. Immediately after this occurrence, I sent certain re- quisitions and orders to Narvaez, demanding of him that, if he had brought any orders from your Highness, he should give me notice of them, and that until he did so he must not assume the title of commander or magistrate, nor intermeddle with any of the duties connected with those offices, under a certain penalty which I imposed upon him. I likewise, in the same manner, commanded