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144 LETTERS OF CORTES. if they had accompHshed their design, it would have required more than twenty years to subdue and recover a country, which is now already ours and peaceably secured. Two days after the capture of Narvaez — as it was im- possible to support so many people in that city, especially as it was already in part destroyed by Narvaez and his party, who had plundered it, the inhabitants having fled, leaving their houses desolate — I despatched two captains each with two hundred men, the one to build a town in the port of Cuicicacalco [Guazacualco], where I had before sent a party for the same purpose, as I have in- formed your Highness ; and the other to a certain river, which the ships of Francisco de Garay were said to have visited, that I might take secure possession of it. I also sent two hundred men to Vera Cruz, where I caused the ships to proceed in which Narvaez had arrived.