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CHAPTER V. Sandoval sent to the aid of the Otomites—Alvarado's camp attacked by the Mexicans in the night—obstinacy of the Mexicans—successive attacks on the city—Alvarado penetrates to the market place—the divisions of Cortes and Alvarado meet at the market-place—description of the square and temples—a battering engine—the Mexicans reduced to great extremities—Cortes seeks an interview with Gautimotzin—conferences with the Mexican leaders—great havoc amongst the citizens—their necessitous condition—capture of Guatimotzin—fall of the city—Plan of the city and lakes,--330 CHAPTER VI. Cortes removes his quarters to Cuyoacan—deputation from the lord of Mechuacan—expeditions to the South Sea—to Oaxaca—rebuilding of Mexico—Tecoantepeque—the river Panuco—arrival of Cristobal de Tapia to supersede Cortes—measures taken in regard to him—his departure—exhibition to Guaxaca—treachery and punishment of Antonio de Villafaña—ascent of the volcano Popocatepetl—suggestions in respect to the Indians, 335


CHAPTER I. Expedition to Guasacalco—to Mechuacan—Zacatula—Coliman—revolt of the Panucans—arrival of Juan Bono de Quejo from Cuba—an emissary of bishop Fonseca and Velasquez—consequences of his coming, 359

CHAPTER II. Confederacy against Cortes, composed of Diego Columbus, &c.—Cortes marches with a force to the Panuco—settles the town of Santistevan del Puerto—expedition to Impilcingo—arrival of Spaniards from Gautemala—Cristobal Dolid sent to Honduras,. . . 371

CHAPTER III. Arrival of F. de Garay with a large force at the river Panuco—Diego Velasquez concerned with him—Cortes resolves to go and meet him—letters from the king render it unnecessary—Alvarado sent against him—operations on the Panuco—visit of F. de Garay to Cortes—projected intermarriage of their children—another rebellion in Panuco—execution of the principal persons amongst the natives—expedition to Honduras—to Guatemala—the Zaputecas—ships built in South Sea, 383