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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 157 night ; we took them all, and covered them up ; and some of our horsemen followed at the heels of the fugi- tives in the heat of victory, and pursued them to the main land. While I was employed in repairing the bridges and [filling them up, messengers came to me in great haste, reporting that the enemy had attacked the garrison, and at the same time had sued for peace, seve- ral of their leaders being in waiting to see me. I imme- diately went with two horsemen to see what they wanted. These men assured me that if I would engage not to punish them for what they had done, they would raise the blockade, replace the bridges that had been de- stroyed, and restore the causeways, and that hereafter they would serve your Majesty as they had before done. They also requested that I would bring them a priest of theirs whom I had taken prisoner, who was, as it were, the commander-in-chief of their religion. He came and addressed them, and brought about an arrangement be- tween me and them ; and it appeared that they imme- diately despatched messengers to inform the captains and the people who were in the camp, that the attacks on the garrison and all other offensive operations should cease. Upon this being done we took leave of them, and I went to the garrison to procure some food. While I was beginning to take some refreshment, in- formation was brought me in great haste, that the In- dians had attacked the bridges which we had taken the same day, and had killed certain Spaniards. God only knows with what feelings I received this intelligence, since I bad thought that we had nothing more to trouble us after having gained the possession of the avenue leading out of the city. I mounted in the greatest pos- sible haste, and galloped the whole length of the street,, 21