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166 LETTERS OF CORTES. spot were descried certain mountains of the province of Tascaltecal,* which produced not a little joy in our hearts ; since we recognized the land and knew it was the country where we were going. We were, however, not sure of finding the inhabitants of that province secure and friendly ; thinking it possible that on seeing us so reduced, they might desire to put an end to our lives, in order to recover the liberty they had before enjoyed. This idea with our suspicions gave us as much uneasi- ness as we should have felt in renewing our contests with the Culuans. The following day, as soon as it was light, we resumed our march over a very level road, which led directly to the province of Tascaltecal ; a few only of the enemy followed us, although the country around was very populous, and we were still saluted with a hooting noise from the hills at some distance in our rear. On that day, which was Saturday, the Sth of July, [1520,] we passed out of the territory of Culua, and entered that of the province of Tascaltecal, at a place called Gualipan,t containing three or four thousand families, where we were well received b}'" the inhabitants, and somewhat refreshed with food and rest, although compelled to pay for the provisions they supplied us with,, and they would take nothing but gold in payment, which in our great necessities we were forced to give. I remained in that town three days, during which time Magiscacin and Si- cutengal, together with all the other nobles of that pro- vince, and some from Guazucingo, came to see and confer

  • The villages and fields where these battles were fought were before arriving

at Puebla, and between Otumba and that city ; and there can be seen the Sierra of Tlascala. — L. t Hueyotlipan, in the seignory or republic of Tlascala. — L.