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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 171 and danger that could possibly lie in our way. I said to them that I would not abandon this land ; for that it appeared to me not only disgraceful to myself and dangerous to all, but as rank treason to your Majesty ; and that I was resolved to turn again in pursuit of the enemy wherever I could find him, and assail him by every means in my power. Accordingly, after having been twenty days in this province, although not yet cured of my wounds, and my companions being still languid, I departed from it, and entered another called Tepeaca, which was in alliance with our enemies of Culua. I had received information of ten or twelve Spaniards having been killed in this province while on their way from Vera Cruz to the great city, the road leading through it. The province of Te- peaca has a common boundary with Tascaltecal and Chururtecal, being of wide extent. As we entered the province, a large number of its people sallied forth to meet us, and vigorously fighting defended the passage as much as was in their power, taking their stations in strong and. well fortified buildings. But not to enter into particulars of what occurred during this campaign, to avoid prolixity, I will only say, that after having re- quired of them to render obedience to the commands of your Majesty, as the only terms on which peace could be preserved, they refused, and we made war upon them, meeting them in several battles. By the aid of God, and the royal success of your Highness, we constantly de- feated them with great slaughter, while throughout the whole war they neither killed nor wounded a single Spaniard. Although, as I have already stated, this pro- vince is of great extent, in twenty days I reduced many towns and a large population into subjection. Its nobles