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COKQtJEST OF MEXICO. 173 to your Highness, arid the natives had attacked them, kiUing seventeen or eighteen Christians and wounding many more. They had also killed seven horses ; and the Spaniards who survived had swam to their ships, having made their escape by being fleet of foot ; and the captain and all the rest had arrived disheartened and wounded, who were well received by the officer I had left in command of the town, and had every attention paid to their wounds t but in order that they might have a better opportunity of recovering, he ha:d sent a part of them to the abode of a cacique, a friend of ours, in that neighborhood, where they were well taken care of. All this sad intelligence affected us in a similar manner with our own past sufferings ; and probably this trouble would not have befallen them, had they come to me on a former occasion, as I have already given your Majesty an account. For, as I was well informed of every thing in that part of the country, they would have received such advice from me as to have prevented what has occurred ; especially as the lord of that river and land, which is called Panuco, had enrolled himself as one of your Majesty's vassals, in token of which he had sent to me at Temixtitan certaiij things by his messen- gers, as I have related. I have written to Vera Cruz, that if the captain of Francisco de Garay and his people wish to depart, to give them an opportunity, and afford them and their ships in getting away every possible assistance. After having reduced to subjection all that part of the province of Tepeaca which is still held in quiet alle- giance to your Highness, the officials of your Majesty and myself consulted much as to the proper mode of governing it so ag to promote the security of the province. 23