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174 LETTERS OF CORTES. Seeing that the natives of it, after acknowledging them- selves your Majesty's vassals, had rebelled and put to death tlie Spaniards, and that they are situated on the road and pass by which all intercourse is carried on between the seaports and the interior ; and considering that if this province rshould be left to itself, as before, the natives of the country and seigniory of Culua, which adjoins them, would strive to seduce and draw them again into re- bellion and insurrection, from which great mischief would result, and great obstacles to the security of these parts and the service of your Majesty, that would put an end to the intercourse above mentioned ; especially since on the road to the seacoast there are two mountain passes which are rough and unsafe, lying within this province, and easily defended by the inhabitants ; and as on this account, as well as for other reasons and causes of great importance, it appeared to us that in order to avoid these evils there ought to be in this province of Tepeaca a town, situated i^i a favorable location, possessing the necessary qualities for the convenience of its inhabitants ; I, for the purpose of carrying this design into effect, in the name of your Majesty, gave to the proposed town the name of Segura de la Frontera,* and appointed the al- caldes, regidores and other officials, conformably to the usual custom. And for the better security of the citizens of this town in the place marked out by me, the materials were at once begun to be collected for building a fort, which exist here of a'good quality, and the great- est possible despatch was used in the work. While engaged in writing this relation,f there came to

  • This place does not now retain the name of Segura, but the old one of Te-

peaca. — L. + This letter of Cortes was written at Segura de la Frontera, at least the latter part of it, as itis dated there. — L.