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176 I.ETTERS OF COETES. and seize and kill them before the troops could come to their relief; and that when the latter should come, the Spaniards were to be already in the city, and prepared to fight and put them to route. When they had gone, and the Spaniards with them, they all proceeded to the city of Churultecal, and through some part of the pro^ vince of Guasucingo, bordering upon the territory of Guacachula, within four leagues of it ; and it is said the Spaniards were told in a town of the province of Guasu' cingo, that the inhabitants of that province were leagued with those of Guacachula and Culua, to draw by this artifice the Spaniards into that city, that they might at- tack them with united forces and destroy them. And as the fear excited by the Culuans in their city and coun- try had not wholly left our men, this information spread consternation among the Spaniards ; and the commander I had sent with them made an examination according to the best of his judgment, when they arrested all the chiefs of Guasucingo that were with them, and the mes- sengers from the city of Guacachula, and returned with them as prisoners to the city of Churultecal, four leagues from that place ; and from thence they sent to me all the prisoners, attended by several horse and foot, with the evidence they had of their plans. The captain also wrote me that our men were alarmed, as it appeared to them the afiair would be one of great difiiculty. As soon as the prisoners had arrived, I spoke to them by inter- preters, and having used the greatest diligence to ascer- tain the truth, it seemed to me that the captain had mis- understood them. I therefore caused them to be set at liberty, and satisfied them that I fully believed them to be loyal vassals of your sacred Majesty, and that I would go in person to rout the Culuans ; and in order to exhibit