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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 177 no weakness or fear to the natives of the country, as well friends as enemies, it seemed to me necessary that the enterprise which had been commenced should not be abandoned. That I might relieve the Spaniards of their fears, I determined to lay aside business and the writing of my despatch to your Majesty, in which I was engaged, and immediately set out, in the greatest pos- sible haste, and arrived the same day at the city of Chu- rultecal, eight leagues from this place, where I found the Spaniards, who all declared that there was no doubt of the treason. The next day I went to sleep at the town of Guasu- cingo, where the chiefs had been arrested. The day following, after having arranged matters with the mes- sengers of Ouacachula at what points we should enter the city, I set out for it one hour before day-break, and arrived near it at about ten o'clock. When half a league distant, there came along the road certain mes- sengers from the city, and informed me that every thing had been provided and was in readiness, and that the Culuans knew nothing of our coming, as the spies they had placed on the road had been taken by the natives of the city ; and that they had also taken others whom the Culuan commanders had sent to visit the enclosures and towers of the city, that they might survey the field ; and thus the enemy were all quite off their guard, sup- posing that they were sufficiently protected from surprise by their sentinels and scouts ; so that my arrival would not be perceived. Thus I made great haste in going to the city without being discovered, although I had to pass over a plain from which they might easily see us. Ac- cordingly it appeared that we were discovered by our friends in the city, as we were so near, who immediately