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180 LETTERS OF CORTES. and we rested three days in that city, having great need of repose. At this time there came to submit themselves to the royal service of your Majesty the numerous population inhabiting the mountainous country, situated two leagues from the place where the enemy had pitched their camp, and at the foot of the mountain from which, as I have mentioned, smoke issues ; this people arc call- ed Ocupatuyo.* They stated that their cacique had gone away with the Culuans at the time when we pursued them, supposing tliat we should not stop short of his town ; that they had for many days desired my friend- ship, and would have come tO' acknowledge themselves vassals of your Majesty, but that the cacique would not permit them, not desiring it himself, although they had often requested him to allow it. That they now wished to serve your Highness ; and that there was left a brother of the cacique who had always been of their opinion in this matter, and still was so. They therefore requested that he might succeed to the government of the district; and that although the other sliould return, I should not consent to his being received as cacique, and that they should not so receive him. I answered them, that as they had been until now of the Culuan league and party, and rebels against the service of your Majesty, they de- served a severe punishment, which I had thought of exe- cuting on their persons and estates ; but that since they had come forward and declared the cause of their rebellion and insurrection was the cacique who governed them, that I, in the name of your Majesty, pardoned their past errors, and received and admitted tliem into the royal service ; but as soon as I should discover that they

  • Ocuituco, which is at Uie base of the volcuno — L.